"... αи∂ σиcɛ ʏσʋ ωακɛ, тяʋℓʏ ωακɛ, ʏσʋ'ℓℓ яɛмɛмвɛя, тσσ."

luni, 9 decembrie 2013

Democracy and free speech are just words

You may think this is 2013, December. You're right. You may think this is the European Union. You are right, again. Also, you may think that things bellow happens nowadays in the EU. Guess what? YOU. ARE. RIGHT!

HERE you can watch another "sample of democracy", Romania,  Bucharest, 08 December, 2013. These dirty cops and gendarmes dare to shout in the megaphone "what are you doing here is illegal".
So... having and using human rights is... illegal. Am I right?

... and here are few other... "samples"

In the photo above people wrote on that banner "At Pungesti our brothers are mocked, humiliated, hangmen in uniforms, what law are you talking about?"


THIS is what we live these days! Can anyone see that are more gendarmes on the streets than protesters? In the last two photos is a man from Pungesti who was beaten (he needed stitches on the head and he  got a broken arm) by the gendarmes while he was out for buying A DAMN CANNED MEAT!!! Can you imagine that? Can you??

sursa foto: aici

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