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duminică, 8 decembrie 2013

Romania - asking for help&justice

Romanians. We are not necessary better than you, we are just... different.
... and... from a archeological point of view, older. There are discoveries that place our ancestors among those who were part of the oldest civilizations - somewhere  between 5000 and 7000 years old, when other civilizations were non-existent, or were just forming. Well... I don't have the arrogance of participating at such events, after all I believe in reincarnation.
Romanians are working people. There are many discoveries made by the romanian people, from the medicine to jet engines, from food to IT, and so on, and so on...
Don't get me wrong, we have lazy people, like any forest has its dry wood.
These people you will see bellow are poor. I mean... they are so poor, that they eat what the land gives them. They live simple lives, all they do from the spring to the end of the autumn is working,  farming. And if it comes about animals, to work means working winter, too. Believe it or not, having a few chickens in the yard or even a cow (for milk) is seen by some people as a sign of wealth.While in most parts of Europe people have cars, many of these farmers have horse carts, in the fortunate case they can afford one.
Caught in the crossfire of Chevron, romanian gendarmes and the misguided use of the law, these people have nowhere to go. After the WWII, the communists took their lands and forced them to work in state cooperatives. After the so-called Revolution in 1989, one government after another ignored the agriculture, so these people had to endure more and more poverty. When you read this keep in mind that a big part of aid sent here - things, or the loans made by the Romania officials were gone to dust. Millions and milliards of dollars and euros, loans after loans - we should had a shiny, glowing country by now, don't you think?
No, it's not the ordinary man who steals these money. It's the man in the suit you see on TV, shacking hands with... your officials.

Maybe now you will understand why true romanians hate people like Traian Băsescu or Victor Ponta.

Far as I remember, Valdis Dombrovskis said that missing Victor Ponta's hand was just a moment of lack of attention. Well, true or not, high treason dictatorial figures like Ponta should be treated as such intentionally.

Bellow you have some samples of "democracy" in  Romania, December 2013. Here, gendarmes are both used as bodyguards for Chevron  and as a repressive force of the romanian government. Not only that the word "repressive" can be used when you talk about these gendarmes, you will find that "oppressive" is another fitted word, as well, since these uniforms broke into people's yards/houses and beat the people, young, old, no matter...
Well, have you thought about helping the poor, the helpless, just out of the goodness of your heart? Do you have any power of doing that? Do you have the will? Well... now it's the time to use them. 
You have one videoclip here

You may be a political figure. You may be not. Whoever and whatever you are, remember this: shacking hands with a dictatorial-traitor- thief  raise questions about you in people's minds.

sursa foto: NasulTV

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