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sâmbătă, 5 septembrie 2015

Wargaming - the truth, what you see is NOT what you get

Well, you like it, or not, this has come to life. All you will find here represents my opinion about the games made by Wargaming - the way they work, the rules, things that are missing, the premium shop, etc.
I'll present the facts in the best way I can, considering that I speak english, but I'm not an expert . And it's ok if you believe I'm being subjective, after all it's democracy (or so they say), you have the right to think whatever you want, right? Right.
First, I must say something about myself.
Q: who am I?
A: a disappointed player. One of many. I'm one of those who invested time and hard-worked money in a game made by thieves, liars and deceivers. It took time to get the reality inside the  Wargaming world. I sense it, but I'm that kind of man who have patience. To be hell-bent requires to have clear ideas and fatcs. I'm talking about their games, the premium products they sell&the way they present  it, the support page, etc, etc.
But... first things first. Let's go through the starting points.
I was looking for a fight, anything, but A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) 
(my case)
This is how it all started. I was looking for a game where I could fight tanks, but not controlled by A.I.
At that time Gaijin was just beginning to work on its WarThunder, I think. So I pointed my attention to World Of Tanks, made by Wargaming.
The advertisement
You hear it on the radio, you see it on TV. If you're a gamer, you may turn your head and start asking questions. What was that? Where? How do I play it? Is my PC capable of playing this?
The only reason someone is heavy advertising online games that involve money (and they usually do) - is for money. They will never do the work "for you". They will speak of "community" and how you could be a part of it, how you will share their passion, but the true meaning of this is "come here, we'll take your money".
Having more money than you need, and not paying attention on what you're spending it - it's one thing. You just buy the thing you want, not caring if you're fooled or not. Having hard-worked money and being deceived by the seller - well, that's another thing. You may want to look a little deeper into the problem.
The shout of a happy friend who play the game, but don't know how Wargaming's system is working, or he just doesn't care. 
Well, out of enthusiasm, gamers will share with you their personal experience with a  game, it's true. Most of the time they'll tell you the best parts of it, leaving the unpleasant details untouched. 
However, there are gamers and gamers. Some will search info about the company/game before they decide to play a game, some will not. At that time, I didn't cared. I said to myself "oh, they must be great". Well, I was wrong, they're not. You don't know me, but make a little effort and trust me on this one. And if you fail in trusting me, and you need examples, I can give you a more than eloquent one here.

I think Wargaming is scared. Why? Moments after they released the 0.4.1 update on World Of Warships, they announced the official version of the game. That -  after some people (like myself) stated that a beta test game from which Wargaming is pulling out money - is not a beta test anymore. I must say I don't believe in coincidences. That's right, they did that. Not only that they put on the market premium products while the game was in beta version (like ships, doubloons, "special offers"), they did one thing they do best: they lied about their products. So... if you're a passionate player searching for "big boom", you may try WoW's, decided to buy a ship for farming, just to find out that a ship like Ishizuchi, described as "a great choice" - is in fact a junk, and you have to struggle to have fun and gain any credits with her.

So... what's that? For me, presenting a shitty product as "great choice" means stealing. A beta version with paid products - is not a beta anymore.
They steal big time, and they do that smiling.
Once you get familiarized with the games and gains some experience (eventually decided to loose some money on a premium vehicle), you will notice in Wargaming's premium shop - that most ships/tanks/planes are weak. If an item has speed, it doesn't have armor or a fast turning turret. If it has armor, it has a bad turning speed or a bad gun - and by that I'm referring to penetration and accuracy. If, by any chance, you find something containing a good armor/gun, it also have... large weak zones (known as "penetration zones').

The thing is that Wargaming is making sure that the product you paid for doesn't get you too much fun and gaining easy too much credits (silver).
Many people get excited when they hear about playing a trio game with a single account - with thanks, planes and warships. What they don't know -  is this:
1. If you buy a premium vehicle in any of these three games (World Of Tanks, World Of Warplanes and World Of Warships) and you sell it, you have the chance to buy it back only one time per account. To be clear, with one account you log in all three games.
Once you did that, you cannot buy back any more of those premium vehicles you have sold, and that applies to their two other games, too. Example: you buy a tank with gold (premium currency) or you buy it in the premium shop. After you get bored of it, or you realize it is a crap, you sell it (now the part about their lies in the descriptions of the vehicles should make more sense to you).
But you want some big tank (regular tank paid with silver), and you struggle to make some credits to buy it. So you write a ticket in "support" section, to get your tank back, shitty as it is, to help you farm (gain credits). Once you did that, you're unable to restore ANY of your premium sold vehicles, no matter what they are. To be more specific, if you had a tank and a plane, sold both and restored the tank, you cannot restore the plane, too. You have to buy them again. Even if we talk about your money, these are Wargaming's rules.
And after you get a little more experience with Wargaming, you'll notice Wargaming defenders and trolls. What, you wrote anything nasty concerning Wargaming on the forum? How dared you? You'll be ostracized. They will jump on you like hyenas, throwing at you anything, just to make you look bad, even if you're right.

2. What most people loose from sight - is that by buying Wargaming's items, you pay the amount of money necessary to buy A FULL GAME, the newest, coolest game on the market. Actually you can buy more than a game. A few. Does anyone realize the paradox?
The last "most desired" thing in World Of Warships was the Tirpitz package. At a price of 59 Euro. They made  a game "for you" (so they say), free to play, they invite you to play it by radio, TV, internet, they make you offers. And some of us got this: one item has the price of a few full games. Wrap your mind around that. If no one tells you that, I'll tell you. It means you pay them for the full game. You are, indirectly, their employer. As a matter of a fact, you should be. After all, these games are made/improved with player's money and  player's ideas.
I say this, because in reality they don't care about customers. They don't care about you, me, or anyone else.
So, you pay them. What you get in response? A buggy product (most of them are), a badly optimized game, and shitty support for it. The cherry on top - saying something on the WG's forums about the product(s) you bought and you're not satisfied with, will literally make their lapdogs and defenders jump on your head, mocking you and trying to make you silent.
The support is almost non-existent.
Practically they're either incompetent, or they don't give a flying f*ck about their customers. What problems I had playing WoW's and reported to the "support guys", I finally resolved by myself (because they were useless), and I did that before they pull out a rabbit out their asses, making that "Naval academy: setting up your graphics" you can find on the official page of WoW's (point where I suspect they used some of my suggestions given to other WoW's players who encountered the same problems as I did).

3. Most people get fooled by the colors and the false glamour Wargaming is showing.
 You want to know who Wargaming is? Read this:
They introduced a penalty for those who camped (did nothing during a battle), or used bots in World Of Tanks YEARS after they started the game. Years. What are they concerned of in the first place? Graphics. They know kids are attracted to good looking games, so they put pressure on that. Their rule - graphic effects first, game play second.

So... you think you want to play World Of Tanks? World Of Warplanes? The latest, hottest, newest World Of Warships? You have money and you think that is a good move to invest in one item of these games?

Think again.