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duminică, 6 septembrie 2015

Wargaming - the truth, what you see is NOT what you get, part II

Hello, gamers of all ages who like to be respected by the game producers, designers and publishers.
Today I'll continue my observations about Wargaming and their trio, WoT, WoWp and WoW's.

What's new? Wargaming is looking "to reinforce" its community and the customer service team in Paris. Well, if you ask me, it's a little late for that. People got tired of their crap attitude and started to speak the truth. Perhaps finally, Wargaming has realized that treating their customers like shit is not good for business. And since we talk about business, I want to highlight something: those who haven't payed a single gold coin, premium day, premium tank, plane, or ship in these games... should thank to those who did, because they are the ones who payed for all.

So, what else is wrong with Wargaming? From time to time, they will shout things like "prize" or "gift".
You'll say: "but there's nothing wrong with prizes of gifts". Well, I think this is questionable. What I understand from the word "prize" - is something I have to fight for, and after all that fighting, I  expect to have tons of fun, countless moments of enjoying it. After all, it's "the prize".

Speaking of this, what was Wargaming doing? They set some steps, some missions to be accomplished. The idea was simple - after you complete them, you can get your prize. Usually that means you have to fight a lot. The bigger the prize, the longer and harder are the missions.
What people don't know - is that the prize will never be a good one. It could be big, beautiful, colored, but it will never be good.
Let's take for example the WZ-111, a chinese Tier 8 tank. As far as I know, that model is not/never was in the premium shop. But if that would be for sale, it would cost a lot. Let's say... the price of an IS-6, or somewhere around that price. The thing is - even if you get the tank for free (which is not, since you fight for it, loosing a lot of time), you'll realize that the shells are too expensive, the gun has the accuracy of a slingshot, the penetration is low for its tier, and even if it has a good turret armor, you cannot use it properly, since they set a good elevation of the gun, but a horrible "downhill" (lowering the gun pipe).

This is one example only. You want more?
Try the TOG II. It was extremely large, easy to hit&penetrate, and extremely slow (max speed 14Kmh). The only good thing of that tank - was the precision and the reload time of the gun. But...
Driving a TOG...
By the time you got in the middle of the map, the battle is almost  over. That if you are still alive. Since you drive one of the slowest tanks in history, everyone want to pierce it.
They removed it from the premium shop. But (surprise!) they leaved the Excelsior on sale, which is way worse. If you want to make a list of  the shittiest tanks in WoT for which you have to pay, Excelsior should be on top of it.
Speaking of gifts, all things gifted by Wargaming were... pretty. Not useful, just pretty. One small tank, low tier. For your collection, they say. That's enough to capture attention of the players. To manipulate them.
Log in, play one mission. Who knows, maybe you'll engage contests. Maybe today you'll buy something. Oh, look, here's the gift for you. It's useless, you cannot win shit with it, you cannot use it to farm, but is a gift. Isn't that cute?

Basically, Wargaming had organized contests with prizes, but never gave as a prize a real good tank.
And they never gave a good tank as a gift.

Also, old players are accustomed with Wargaming's tactics. Let's talk a little about Type 59. A real bad ass. Fast, agile, good angled armor, extremely good for farming, people said. I don't know who tested that tank and how, who decided the tests were complete and that the product can be put on sale, the thing is they made it so good, that was considered by many who fought it - a nightmare. Everyone at that time who had money bought one.
After too many players complained about how hard is to destroy a Type59, they (WG) nerfed it, if I remember well. And after that, they used the same old record. "Type 59 will be available for sale just for another x days". Wait, what? Oh, that "players are getting too much credits and too much fun" again.
Second example, E25. Another bad ass. They said ,,too many players bought it, it's unbalancing the game". Oh yes, it did. That was the perfect lie destined to use that record again..."will be available for sale just for another x days" . Only this time it wasn't about Type 59. And this is how they sold a lot of them.

If they would have been sincere and correct  people, they would have said: "we want everyone to have this, we'll let it in the premium shop forever, buy it whenever you want".

Well, it will not happen ever, I think.
To be a one of those premium players, is to be manipulated. You may not like the idea, but that's it, you were fooled into buying something.

Congrats! You are a premium player now. Enjoy your new bugged toy and that... shitty support they offer.